The growing plants

A few weeks ago I show how to decorate clay pots with fabric and today I want to show the growing plants. I just add some flags made with washi tape and they look great in my window.   But the only problem is that my cat wants to eat them… and I been trying… Continue reading The growing plants


Picture frame with egg shells

I arrive to this country almost 8 years ago and I speak with my Mother at least once a day, we speak about everything…recipes, people, politics, family… but our favorite subject is “Crafts”, she teach me so many thing over the phone that you guys don’t have idea. And I’m going to show you how… Continue reading Picture frame with egg shells


Magazine Files

The last past weeks I been doing a lot of organization and was my magazines turn. I went to Ikea and I bought the magazine files made with white card board and they are only five for $1.99 (Good deal). And here is a simple way to decorate them. You only need: Scraps of fabric… Continue reading Magazine Files


DIY Light switch plate / outlet cover

In Catalina Obando Store, I start to sell supplies, the first item is Washi tape. And I’m really crazy about this product. You can Use as a self-adhesive re-positionable tape. Decorate and embellish anything. Scrapbooking, Wrapping, packing, Marking or attaching notes… And yes, I made one sample to show you how great this tape is.… Continue reading DIY Light switch plate / outlet cover


Fabric Pots

One day, immerse on the pinterest world I found this beautiful pots wrap in fabric and then I decide to make my own. All you will need is: Terracotta pots Mod Podge Paintbrush Fabric You can see the original post Here


Refinished, Hand painted nightstand

At beginning of this year after I finish my interior design certification, I realize what I want to do the rest of my life…Crafts. After a difficult couple of years, and a few horrible jobs. I took an Interior design Class with one of the most inspiring teachers that I been seen in my life.… Continue reading Refinished, Hand painted nightstand