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The Cat Table

Life is a roller coaster some times up some times down but a lot of scary and deep moments in between. A friend once told me that life is divide on cycles of 7 years. And now I’m pretty sure is like that. Seven years ago I move to NJ from Miami and now I’m… Continue reading The Cat Table

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Summer is coming 

I know, I know. It take me 3 years to start blogging again but I need to tell you that my life hit me hard. So many bad things happen that I was sure that I was done. But I here, I’m better than ever, I never feel so much balance and my life really… Continue reading Summer is coming 

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Can you fix the wall-mounted table?

My aunt calls me last week very sad because one of her grand-kids spilled an Air freshener on the wall-mounted table. And she asks me do you think is anything you can do? And I said, Yes just bring it, I’m sure is something I can do to fix it. When I saw the table… Continue reading Can you fix the wall-mounted table?

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Second chance in life

Maybe you are like me and you feel bad when you throw all this garbage that is barely used like cans, glass and plastic bottles and you feel like they deserve a second chance in life. Some time I save things to a future re-use and they stay in my closet forever. But for now… Continue reading Second chance in life