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The Cat Table

Life is a roller coaster some times up some times down but a lot of scary and deep moments in between. A friend once told me that life is divide on cycles of 7 years. And now I’m pretty sure is like that. Seven years ago I move to NJ from Miami and now I’m… Continue reading The Cat Table

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Summer is coming 

I know, I know. It take me 3 years to start blogging again but I need to tell you that my life hit me hard. So many bad things happen that I was sure that I was done. But I here, I’m better than ever, I never feel so much balance and my life really… Continue reading Summer is coming 

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Can you fix the wall-mounted table?

My aunt calls me last week very sad because one of her grand-kids spilled an Air freshener on the wall-mounted table. And she asks me do you think is anything you can do? And I said, Yes just bring it, I’m sure is something I can do to fix it. When I saw the table… Continue reading Can you fix the wall-mounted table?


Refinished, Hand painted nightstand

At beginning of this year after I finish my interior design certification, I realize what I want to do the rest of my life…Crafts. After a difficult couple of years, and a few horrible jobs. I took an Interior design Class with one of the most inspiring teachers that I been seen in my life.… Continue reading Refinished, Hand painted nightstand