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The Cat Table

Life is a roller coaster some times up some times down but a lot of scary and deep moments in between.
A friend once told me that life is divide on cycles of 7 years. And now I’m pretty sure is like that. Seven years ago I move to NJ from Miami and now I’m back.
I need to said that my time over there was hard (very hard) don’t get me wrong, I met amazing people than I’m sure now I can called friends but for so many reasons I really hope that I learned my lessons because I don’t want to experience some things again.
For me, change is very important and every time I start something new (or move to a new place) I want to start blogging again and off course I want to do a lot of crafts; this time I’m going to make an extra effort because now I don’t have any excuses (I have a bigger place, I have my own craft room, I have a back yard…) so no excuses for me this time.
I have a couple of projects that I made before that I want to share I hope you will enjoy them

A couple summers ago I bought a window AC and I was very impressed about the cardboard structure that the box has inside. And I needed a side table so we start to work on that.

We made a structure from all the pieces that the box has inside


My sister painted a cat face in a piece of fabric with very bright colors and we glue it to the table

We add a wood frame and some decorative paper.

The wood frame give us some room for the epoxy resin.


Is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and to make sure the surface is cured before you add the thicker layer. I was in a rush so we skip the part when you need to seal the surface, so we ended up with a lot of bubbles.


Finally we painted it and we add some other pieces to the sides.

So finally we have a side table that match my style and the most important part was that we didn’t throw the cardboard to the garbage we made a very good use from it.




One thought on “The Cat Table

  1. So happy for you my girls. Hermoso trabajo siempre ideas brillantes y originales. LQM Dios las cuide. Les recuerdo siempre

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