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Summer is coming 

I know, I know. It take me 3 years to start blogging again but I need to tell you that my life hit me hard. So many bad things happen that I was sure that I was done. But I here, I’m better than ever, I never feel so much balance and my life really change for good. I was able to travel to China and Japan and what an amazing experience. So I’m back and part of my plan is keep going with my blog.

Today I want to share a project that I made 2 summers ago. My landlord give me two side tables that I really I didn’t like.
..too brown, too classic, too big.

IMG_3146 (1)


So I decided that was a perfect project for my BBQ area.
I removed the table at bottom and I painted the table with spray paint, I have 2 so I use two different colors.


I opened a hole in the middle and add a tile backsplash, Two colors too.



Then I add a protective coat of Rust-Oleum Neverwet.



And then I have two great new patio tables.



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