Pumpkin carving

As I said before, I’m from Medellin Colombia; my city is call “the eternal spring city” and I need to be honest we have a great weather all year around. But when I moved to New Jersey I have experienced one of the most beautiful and renovators feelings “the seasons”, I just love them all and I think that is something that all the humans need to see at least once in their lives.

Now we are in fall and for me this one really touch my heart really deep, I’m not a big fan of rainy days but but the magic of autumn is amazing y you can see the beauty more if you go upstate…. The colors, the wind, the smell, the leaves… in this season you can see an infinity shades of orange, some trees looks like their leaves has light inside it is gorgeous.

And this month we have one of my favorite holidays… Halloween and for this year I decide that I want to carve a Pumpkin (We do not have giant pumpkins in my country). This time I’m only going to show the process that I did, I don’t know if is the correct because is my first time but definitely I can tell you my mistakes.

We went upstate NJ to a farmer market to find the best ones, the first mistake was kind of dark and I really can’t see very well. (Later you will see why is very important to see well).

I bought 3 big beautiful pumpkins and thanks God I had help (my boyfriend’s youngest son decide that he want to do one) because wasn’t an easy task, carve a Pumpkin it is a lot of hard work, and kind of messy.

I bought 3 big beautiful pumpkins
Ready to carve
Removing the filling
Removing the filling
Another mistake, I chose a template with a lot of curves, definitely is more easy to cut lines.
One of the Pumpkins has a dark spot and I thought it was not important but “ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE” yes it was important this spot was telling me that the Pumpkin was rotting.
I transferred the drawing with a pointy object.
You can see the transferred pattern and big spot : (
I connect the dots with a scalpel, and at that moment I realized the vast area that was rotten. I spray peroxide and you can see all the foam in the area that is damaged.
It was too late and decided to go ahead.

And now I’m waiting for the hurricane Sandy to pass by my home and then I can put the pumpkins on my front door with a candle inside, the pumpkin hopefully last until the storm passes.


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