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Can you fix the wall-mounted table?

My aunt calls me last week very sad because one of her grand-kids spilled an Air freshener on the wall-mounted table. And she asks me do you think is anything you can do? And I said, Yes just bring it, I’m sure is something I can do to fix it.

When I saw the table immediately I remembered a tutorial that I saw before on pinterest and I said to my self this is perfect for this project.

She actually said that she wants the table to look very similar but… I couldn’t resist the temptation to do something different, I hope she like it.

You can see the original post at:

Damaged wall-mounted table
Spill damage
Sand the whole surface
Until there is no paint
Clean the surface until it is free of paint and dust, I use a cloth dampened with mineral spirits.
With a small roller and white paint I did the stencil.

I sand the entire surface with fine sandpaper.
I put thick coat of wood stain, I used red mahogany.
And then wipe off with a clean and dry rag.
You can give more coats if you want a darker color I just gave one.
And finally two coats of polycrylic, to protect the wood and give it a little shine.
The new table
Before and After

When my aunt hang the table of the wall, I will show the picture.


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