Key Holder

This week my boyfriend decided to change the rooms in the house; the living room now is our bedroom, our bedroom now is the office, the dining room now is the living room… crazy no? But I love changes and now I feel like living in a loft…
But we don’t have where to put the keys when we arrive home. And I’m happy to do something about it.
Today I made a keys holder and if you want to do it you will need:

2 Colors of Paint
Silver paint
4 Wood pieces 1.96 x 1.57 in. (5 x 4 cm)
1 Wood Piece 7.48 x 2.36 in. (19 x 6 cm)
Glue Gun
4 screw hooks
4 Shaped color paint chips

Write with a pencil “KEYS”
Write the same letters but with hot glue
Letters with hot glue
Paint the letters with a small brush and the silver paint.
Painted letters
Paint the big wood shape whit one color.
Paint the small shapes with the other color.
Glue the letters to the small wood pieces.
Glue the small pieces to large piece and then attach the hooks.

And let me introduce my handmade keys holder