Pumpkin carving

As I said before, I’m from Medellin Colombia; my city is call “the eternal spring city” and I need to be honest we have a great weather all year around. But when I moved to New Jersey I have experienced one of the most beautiful and renovators feelings “the seasons”, I just love them all… Continue reading Pumpkin carving

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Can you fix the wall-mounted table?

My aunt calls me last week very sad because one of her grand-kids spilled an Air freshener on the wall-mounted table. And she asks me do you think is anything you can do? And I said, Yes just bring it, I’m sure is something I can do to fix it. When I saw the table… Continue reading Can you fix the wall-mounted table?


Key Holder

This week my boyfriend decided to change the rooms in the house; the living room now is our bedroom, our bedroom now is the office, the dining room now is the living room… crazy no? But I love changes and now I feel like living in a loft… But we don’t have where to put… Continue reading Key Holder