My new photography system

This week I’m been struggling with the pictures of my online store.

All the time I read posts related about the importance to have good quality pictures in order to increase sales, and I spent too much time trying to have good pictures that is not even worth it.

I took the picture and looks great but…. Then I upload the photo to my computer and what happened? This is not the same picture, the colors, the background is so different and if I try to edit them I’m not only wasting a lot of time, the colors never look the same and I don’t want to have disappointed costumers. (Who wants that?)

And then, this week a decided start my new adventure  “change my photography system” and first step a new camera (I use my Iphone 4), the iphone took really good pictures but I need details, accurate colors and I need to do it fast because I have other million things to do.

During my google investigation I saw the importance of a Light box for take good products photos and ok I’m going to make mine… If I can do it with materials that I have in my home is not way that I’m going to buy it.

And here we go…I’m going to show you guys, how I make mine and lets see if we can see any difference in the pictures.

You will need:

Cardboard box

White tissue paper

Glue or tape.

A knife

Two sources of light (I’m using 2 lamps with Daylight Bulbs)

A bar of wood, metal or plastic (Optional)

I put a metal bar in the top of the box  to be able to hang some items like the garlands that I sell.

And let me tell you, that I’m so happy, now I can take pictures any time, any day (even rainy days). And the result very sharp Pictures with vivid colors. I’m thinking to put a 3rd light source at the top, because the ceiling in my house is really high and I can’t take advantage of the ceiling lamp.


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