Refinished, Hand painted nightstand

At beginning of this year after I finish my interior design certification, I realize what I want to do the rest of my life…Crafts.
After a difficult couple of years, and a few horrible jobs. I took an Interior design Class with one of the most inspiring teachers that I been seen in my life.
And for the first time after I arrive to this country, I Decide that I don’t want to waste more time and that I want to have the courage to start my own business (Again, yes I had one before and failed) but this time I want to enjoy it at max and the thing that I really like more than do crafts is to teach how to make them, yes I love to teach all the different ideas and techniques that I have seen all my life. But when I arrive to this country I stop to teach for communications problems (they are not really problems are fears).
But life is just one and I want to enjoy this one doing the things that I like and the best way to learn is doing it.
If you see errors in my post I only can say Sorry! English is not my first language.

This is the first project of this year, is and old bedside table that I found and you can see step by step the process to a beautiful finish product.

Nightstand, hand painted, green, crystal

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